"Create a concept for a souvenir from LA that is truly unique in that it captures the essence of the city and breaks away from cliches. Avoid the verboten listed concepts, but use the supplied snow globe as part of the solution."


Let's go for a ride

To talk about LA, I should get the real story from the street, not from the web. Hence I decided to go out for a little field trip. I walked down Wilshire Blvd, then drove to Beverly Hills. I took random photos without even looking into the viewfinders to capture the feel of the area. The list of photos is as follows;

Plastic surgery clinic  |  Hot girls or celeb wannabe-s  |  fake trophies  |  Gyms  |  Graffiti  |  Smog  |  Crazy sunshine  |  Fake greens  |  Non-native trees thanks to irrigation  |  Arte Nouveau  |  Victorian Style buildings  |  Fast food |  Public transportation  |  Truck food


Many stories coexist

Many voices, desires, childishly exuberant cliche, liberal irresponsibility vs. rules, gleeful effects, extravaganza, many types of jobs, talents, industries, even porn stars, many creativity, movies, cheap junk, originals and copies, many classes — rich, poor, pretenders, illegals, ethnicities, and cultures.