Riding with strangers?

JourneyShare is a community network service that enables users—even those who do not know each other— to coordinate, track, and share rides with efficiency, security, and confidence. Members can plan a ride share schedule on the go by using their smartphones. 


Car-share services exist in cities where the population density is high. We also find many voluntary car-pooling efforts within certain communities to commute faster, save money on gas, do less harm to the environment. However, these traditional car-sharing programs mostly rely on participants knowing each other prior to using the services. We found an opportunity in connecting travelers, most of whom would not normally share any sense of community. By securely browsing the list of ride requests by the location, time, and member profile, users can access the information and form a quick decision based on other members' status.

The JourneyShare service not only enables car owners to organize carpools, but also helps taxi users to find each other based on location, destination or schedule, allowing them to cut costs by sharing the fare. Safe and convenient payment is made via PayPal.

By utilizing user’s common destinations, routes, and user review/rating, the service provider can attract local advertisers and create a channel for local businesses to access travelers. Of course, fewer cars on the street helps to improve local traffic flow and air quality.