• Project: Packaging Design 1 Studio Class, individual project (9 weeks)
  • Original Assignment: Redesign the existing packaging of the PetSmart product of choice. 
  • Personal goal: Find the appropriate market positioning and segment for PetSmart, then proposed a strategic plan with creative concepts as a relevant branding tool to revitalize its existing brand.
  • Recognition: HOW International Design Award (Apr. 11)
  • Disclaimer: The project was executed before PetSmart announced its partnership with GNC for Pet Supplements in early May, 2010. This is a student project and has no affiliation with PetSmart.


The pet industry used to focus on the ‘pet parents’ and their lifestyle, but it is now moving toward pet medication($9.8 billion), high-end luxury food ($10.6 billion), and products for aging and obese pets (40% of American pets), which PetSmart lacks.

The challenges PetSmart  faces also include 1) keeping their exclusivity with premium food vendors in the face of competition with big box retailers, 2) quality control of 3rd party manufactured products, 3) lack of a unified store brand identity, 4) and lack of products supporting Petsmart's branded services (Banfield hospital & daycare programs).