Solar cooker (2005)

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Currently, solar cookers are used in developing countries. In the U.S., a few organizations that focus on sustainability run programs that promote solar cooking; however, there is no mainstream solar cooker industry, nor do many outdoor kitchen appliance companies carry solar cookers in their product line.

The Sunflower Grill is a solar cooker specifically targeted toward outdoor kitchens to accommodate a new eco friendly lifestyle. This product is firesafe, consumes no fossil fuel, and reflects the increasing demand for healthy cooking. Sunflower Grill is a parabolic solar cooker, more effective than a typical box solar cooker: It can reach higher temperatures faster than box solar cookers. The temperatures range up to 325° F, yet most of the time cooking would be done at 250° F. Also Sunflower Grill can pasteurize food in only 20 minutes at 65° C (150° F).

Design solution

Sunflower Grill users can control the temperature for cooking or reheating by adjusting the angle of the reflectors to move the focal point. Moreover, the reflectors can be folded smiliar to a folding steamer when it is not in use. Once reflectors are positioned to face the Sun, user turns the dial, then the reflectors automatically follow the sun throughout cooking. (Current parabolic solar cooker has to be manually turned every 15-20 minutes.) An insulated glass bowl substitutes for the plastic oven cooking bag, which is commonly used in solar cooking, and is 10% more efficient.